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As the temperature dips and the cold weather approaches, there’s only one thing that comes to mind – hot tubs! With frigid weather comes an increase in stiff, achy joints – and the sedentary, melancholy lifestyle that comes with it.

When the warm sunshine has long since retired, nothing beats a dip in hot, bubbly water for instant pain relief and improved well being. Here’s how to get the warmth you crave by hot tubbing in the cold weather.

Warm the Muscles For Relaxation and Pain Relief – Despite the frost in the air, it is possible to warm and relax your muscles to relieve pain. Heat therapy is one of the most effective treatments for arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain that worsens in winter. In just fifteen minutes, the body’s core temperature rises, as intense heat penetrates deep beneath muscles and joints to relieve pain instantly. Whether you have stiffness that makes it difficult to get going in the morning, evening pain from overuse throughout the day or a combination of both, a few minutes with the hot tub and pain is a thing of the past.

Warm the Soul and Beat Winter Blues – Sitting in heated water is thoroughly relaxing and exactly why taking a bath is such an enjoyable event. But bathtubs lose their heat quickly, making your experience short lived at best. With a hot tub, the intense heat you feel when you first get in stays consistent, letting you warm your body from the inside out. Using a hot tub when the weather is cold is the perfect way to enjoy that warmth and coziness that comes from true relaxation. It’s soothing to the soul and a well needed mental boost when the warm sunshine has been replaced by single digit temperatures and blustery cold days.

Warm Your Blood, Decrease Blood Pressure – One of the most significant health benefits that comes from using a hot tub in the cold has to do with blood circulation. Essentially, when you sit in the heat of a hot tub, your blood warms, which causes vessels to dilate, which decreases blood pressure. The whole process continues while you relax and enjoy a soothing, pain-free soak. With consistent use, symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes decrease, changes in insulin uptake take place and sleep improves.

Using a hot tub in the cold weather is the perfect way to warm your body and soul to feel better fast. Whether it’s cold weather stiffness and achy joints brought on from arthritis, winter blues or diabetes, soaking in a little relaxation and warmth may be just what the doctor ordered.

Hot Tubs Muskego, Spa Dealer Hales Corners, WI

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