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Throughout the course of an average day, it’s not uncommon to be exposed to tens of thousands of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the environment.

Trace amounts of mercury, aluminum and iron, along with other materials, are found almost everywhere in pesticides, nicotine, even caffeine. Contaminants build over time, causing damage, illness and premature aging.

Ridding the body of these harmful toxins dramatically improves health as everything works better – from the heart to the lungs to the skin. Here’s how an in-home sauna can provide safe, all natural detoxification for improved health.

The Challenges of Detoxification – We’ve known for centuries that accumulations of harmful materials in the body can lead to disease, aging, even death. However, it’s not always easy – or safe – to find an effective method of removing toxic materials and trace chemicals from the body. Proper nutrition and eating healthy foods is always a good strategy, but not truly effective for removing toxins. Reducing stress and increasing sleep are also healthy lifestyle habits, but only helpful in decreasing new toxins, not getting rid of those already there.

Increasing the Body’s Natural Elimination Process – Most of us do a pretty good job of eliminating many of the toxins and contaminates we take in every day through sweating. However, unless you are an Olympic hopeful, chances are you simply do not sweat enough throughout the day to experience maximized skin elimination. Using a sauna regularly a few times a week increases the rate at which toxic metals and other contaminants are expelled from the body, both through sweat and other means.

Why the Sauna Works Better Than the Treadmill: The Science Behind the Detox –What is it about using a sauna that makes it better than running a mile on the treadmill? Intense heat maximizes the detoxification process by causing the heart rate to increase, which brings blood closer to the surface, accelerating the process. As a result, the body breaks down fat tissues where toxins hide more effectively than if you were simply exercising. Then they are released into the blood stream where they are eliminated through the sweat glands or delivered to the liver and kidneys.

The detoxification process is important for ridding the body of a variety of toxins, chemicals and bacteria that negatively impact health and performance. A sauna is a safe way to maximize the process naturally, improving performance and overall health.

Saunas Franklin, Sauna Sale West Allis, WI

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